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RFID based Driver Identification


Our RFID based driver identification ensures that a particular vehicle is driven by the designated driver himself. The RFID in combination with the immobilizer proves to be a very effective security system for the vehicle. This is because the vehicle remains immobilized at all times unless the driver swipes his RFID card. Another value out of RFID is the ownership of the situation. This means that whenever required, it can be clearly established as to which driver was driving a given vehicle at a given time. Hence anything that happens during that course of time falls under the drive's responsibility which cannot be denied by the driver.

  • Vehicle remains immobilized unless the driver is identified
  • Complete driver information can be stored as RFIDs enable more storage space
  • Reduced chances of vehicle theft
  • Encourages drivers to indulge in responsible behavior
  • Helps in identifying the person responsible in crisis situation
  • Adds input to driver evaluation
  • Operator stays informed of the complete information about the driver
  • And many More...