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Barge Tracking and Monitoring Services


Barge real time tracking information's are very important to locate and track Barge, Mostly Barge are used to transport cargo or oil.

Usually there is a main engine-used for basic front and back movement and an auxiliary engine placed at the back portion, which is used for controlling the barge's sideways motion or to arrest drift motion of the barge. The engines help in navigation of the barge. The placement of the engines on the barge determines the barges direction of travel. The engines are turned on depending on situation One at a time or both if required. These barges are loaded a few meters into the sea because when completely filled, these barges sink into the sea and if loaded near a shallow area may get stuck. The Barge captains use latitude and longitudes as their markers considering all weather work conditions. Also the barge's speed is measured in Nautical Miles per hour (Nmi/hr).