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CASH VAN Management Solution


Cash carrying vans which are loaded with cash are highly susceptible to attacks. Along with sufficient security, a comprehensive solution that provides real time intelligent and useful information to operators is what is required to ensure smooth operations of such vehicles. Understanding the specific pain points of this business vertical, telematics4u has been successfully able to build and implement out of the box solutions for cash carrying vans. By combining real time information with respect to vehicle location, cash status etc. with backend ERP systems of companies; it is possible to ensure a flawless process of cash transportation. Generic reports and analysis tools are the icing on the cake and to a great extent help in crucial decision making processes.

Where stepping out of the house has become a threat lurking at every nook and corner, not having to be dependent on carrying wads of currency notes and just a few cards come handy a long way. Ever wondered what life would be like to go back a couple years to where ATMs were a rarity, another luxury item for the well-paid. Thanks to our cash vans that ensure the ATMs are well stocked, where we don't have to see another long queue waiting to get that cheque encashed or quickly get a few hundreds you need to pay o? a waiting taxi. Ever wondered the thought and routine that goes into Ge getting these cash vans out there and is trusted to deliver the huge amount of money they transport literally while going ATM hopping. Cash van sourcing to driver veri?cation to gunman/gun detailing all come under its purview and none of these can be compromised given the increasing number of cash van thefts in the recent time.