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Dairy Logistics Operations Management


Using the real-time data generated from the GPS devices, the Fleet Systems Inc. team using unique algorithms optimized the milk collection and distribution routes for Dairy Company. This significantly reduced the delivery delays that were experienced in the overall operations. The Fleet Systems Inc. Dairy Logistics solution, also comprised a series of MIS modules, that greatly enhanced the decision making power of the managers; both at the operational and top management level. This MIS, based on real- time GPS and temperature data from the milk carrying vehicles; helped mangers attack the various operational problems head on. The following MIS modules and timely alerts were provided by Fleet Systems Inc. to Dairy Companies for its Dairy operations.

Dairy Logistics is very crucial operation to maintain Milk quality and to avoid perished. Milk companies always received complaints from customer about mild quality due to fluctuation in weather, not adopting recommended route by driver, Fleet operation mismanagement etc. Fleet System's dairy logistic solution is state of art solution which gives piece of mind to dairy companies by minimizing receiving complaints from milk cooling centers and processing plants about the delays in milk supply. Prompt delivery of milk to the retailers during the early morning hours, has also helped increase the uptake of milk at the retail points. The constant monitoring of milk and the maintenance of optimal temperature in the vehicles during its journey; also reduced the quantum of milk wastage. While the implementation costs of the Fleet System's logistics solution can be smartly recovered in the form of savings within few months of operation.