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Fleet Monitoring Services


FSI's Fleet Monitoring Service allows you to have a real time view of all your vehicles. Each vehicle fitted with our devices is configured to transmit data at regular time intervals on a real time basis.

Fleet Maintenance Services


Maintenance of a large fleet is a cumbersome process by itself. To simplify it and make it more organized process.

Fuel Monitoring


Information about the fuel level and the mile age of each of the vehicles. This module also generates various reports that help in analysis from a business perspective.

Driver Evaluation


Driver performance always remains a challenge for transport companies due to lack of visibility of their operations. To help make this better.

Tyre Management


Of all parts of a vehicle, the tyre undergoes a lot of wear and tear and also is considered as one of the most expensive spares.

Temperature Monitoring


FSI's Solution uses a temperature monitoring unit to monitor the ambient temperature of reefer vehicles. This is useful when the quality of the transported items is highly dependent on temperature.

RFID based Driver Identification


Our RFID based driver identification ensures that a particular vehicle is driven by the designated driver himself.

Insurance Telematics


Traditional automotive insurance premium rating is determined by owner information and vehicle information such as gender, age, district, vehicle type, vehicle price and accident history etc.