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Taxi Operations Management


Fleet System's solutions are taxi-enterprise specific and guarantee the user complete control of their business system. Thanks to its state-of-the-art global technology platform, the company offers a wide array of services like Vehicle Monitoring, Fare visibility, Fleet Maintenance and Management, Management of Information Systems, Operational Management, Safety and Security Control, etc.

With our automated solution, every minute detail occurring during business hours is fed into the system on a real-time basis. This avoids the need for manually updating data thereby saving time and resources. Staying updated and having access to real-time data is of immense help especially during crisis situations when a change of plan needs to be executed. We install highly sophisticated meters with inbuilt communication chipsets. Using the latest communication protocols, the meters are connected to a central server and information is distributed through an elaborate network. Users can see the real time fare live on web based application or on Mobile through SMS.